Econometrics Consultancy

Econometrics Consultancy

We create bespoke econometric models for our clients that form the basis of deriving crucial strategic recommendations

Our areas of expertise

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Data Mining with AI

  • Big Data Solutions

  • Econometric Modelling

  • Complex Data Analytics

In addition to our expertise in Statistical Analysis, Data Mining, Big Data Solution, Econometric Modelling, Data Analytics, Business Research, Investment Evaluation, Trading Strategies or Economic Policy Analysis, we offer customized courses in Statistics and Econometrics with Stata, SPSS, Eviews, R, Matlab, SAS, Gretl, Minitab or RATS.

We create bespoke models and provide strategy recommendations for our clients.

Our consultancy service helps to develop strong academic and industry exposure to the highest levels of corporate best practice. Data Science has become one of the most globally demanded skills in industry and the tools we deploy help manage advanced analysis of various types of datasets, databases across platforms. The analytics and usage of these tools are all very critical to analyse and derive actionable insights. In Statistics, we usually provide application inferential statistics for testing various research problems through hypothesis testing. The selection of relevant statistical tools and techniques for the available data becomes a challenge and we accept this challenge with confidence and provide a key solution with full detailed reports to explain the outputs and results. Most commonly, SPSS and R are used to analyse the data but we offer analytics using many third party tools as well leading tools such as Stata, Python, Eviews and RATS.

We help you navigate through a multifaceted and uncertain world

Our team of experts has skills and experience across marketing, analytics and technology. We employ a whole range of analytical techniques from econometrics to AI and are constantly innovating to find new approaches to help our clients harness their data faster to gain business advantage. We work with blue chip clients, covering a range of industries. Our specialism lies in developing insights into key business capabilities for clients, looking to understand their position in the market and their brand strength, utilising econometrics and currently developing their customer offering to cover a number of other analytical techniques and capabilities.

Strong Success rates of past projects


Business Research


Investment Evaluation


Trading Strategies


Economic Policy Analysis

The projects that we undertake range from traditional analytics and econometrics such as market mix modelling, to newer advanced techniques such as Attribution, Agent Based Modelling & Machine learning. Our clients are looking at how to link offline channels to online conversions, how to predict consumer behaviours to changes that have not previously occurred before, or what the consumer journey is and how it impacts conversion. Our team of expert econometric consultants provide ongoing insight into campaign ROI, implementing econometric models built in R/Python to optimise long term performance. We create bespoke models and provide strategy recommendations for our clients.

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