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Based in New York and London, Econometrics Tutors ™ is the global leader dedicated to econometrics tuition

Applied Econometrics

Part of our expertise is helping you understand how you apply econometrics in analysing economic and financial data.

Data Analysis

Whether you are dealing with cross-sectional, time series or panel datasets, our tutors are available to guide you in performing your own data analysis.

Econometrics Software

Guidance in constructing your own forecast models, by using a wide range of econometrics software packages (e.g. Stata, Eviews, R, SPSS, Matlab, SAS, Gretl, Excel).


Learn from our expert tutors how to efficiently tackle macroeconomic datasets and apply effectively the relevant techniques.

Financial Econometrics

Make use of relevant techniques in analysing high frequency datasets within the coveted world of financial econometrics.

Econometric Theory

Stand out from the crowd by learning how to solve the most challenging problems in theoretical econometrics.

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Our tutors are all alumni of top universities, such as LSE and Oxford

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Expertise in Econometrics Knowledge Transfer

Part of our expertise is helping you understand how you apply econometrics in analysing economic and financial data

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Online Tuition

Join thousands of students connecting with expert tutors online. Gain access to a new world of one-to-one tuition to understand your subjects, ace your econometrics exams, as well as, understand your subjects and improve your overall grades. By accessing our feature-packed online classroom, online tuition can assist you to comprehend the most challenging materials and achieve the top results you are looking for in the most efficient manner.

In-Person Tuition

For those of you who are based in New York or London, we look forward to welcoming you at our offices for in-person tuition sessions in econometrics. We know that econometrics as a subject may be quite challenging and require the extra care that only a face-to-face meeting may achieve. Our in-person teaching techniques are the same as in the online tuition, so expect a tech savvy environment.

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Econometrics PHD Guidance

PhD Guidance

Gain new innovative perspectives for your PhD from our econometrics research expertise and commercial awareness. We guide you on how to apply econometric tools for analysing data effectively. What is more, Econometrics Tutors ™ assist you towards your PhD Viva preparation by creating mock Viva sessions and questions especially on the econometric part of your PhD thesis.

Knowledge Bank

Enhance your learning experience via our extensive blog resources of applied and theoretical econometrics. We lead the way in offering you the most comprehensive resources in econometrics globally. You will learn how to perform regression techniques when dealing with cross-sectional data; tackle estimation issues in time-series and high frequency datasets; analyse panel datasets; and access a variety of solutions to challenging econometric problems.

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