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Econometrics Tutors helped me for my MA at LSE. Very engaging, patient and helpful tutors who really helped me understand my material in depth and taught me good techniques. Very knowledgeable and positive, and encouraged me every second of the way. I would highly recommend Econometrics Tutors!

Daniella F

I would recommend Econometrics Tutors. They have been brilliant in helping me with Econometrics and Macroeconomics. Very patient and have an amazing amount of knowledge. Their main strengths as tutors lie in their ability to make sure you understand well the material, no matter how challenging it is; also Econometrics Tutors helped you build that knowledge to tackle following topics in a more confident way.

Sophia M

Very accurate in understanding goals and highly knowledgeable in the econometrics field.

Matt A

Econometrics Tutors are very knowledgeable and can explain complex spreadsheets in a simple and understandable way. I would definitely recommend Econometrics Tutors!

Oliver H

Econometrics Tutors are amazing teachers, they made sure I understand everything from the exams, and taught me well in such a short time, I have also found other tutors before and they told me that those are broad topics and that they could not cover them with me in such a short period of time, I was devastated at the moment, I am really thankful for having Econometrics Tutors as my tutor!

Charmay N

Econometrics Tutors are very patient, professional and helpful. Really appreciate that.

Jenny Z

Econometrics Tutors have a very strong foundation in financial math, excel modelling and cashflow analysis. They explain all concepts really well, proposes good techniques that are used in industry and has in depth knowledge of the market. Overall they has been a great source of help! I highly recommend Econometrics Tutors!

Chloe W

Econometrics Tutors are very good at excel and have complete/strong knowledge of all the functions. I was able to learn a lot about excel and how some of the finance concepts, especially formulas work in excel. Very positive teaching style and energetic, and willing to help students understand concepts. Thank you Econometrics Tutors.

Mohammed K

I have benefited from Econometrics Tutors enormously during the one-one tuition. They are pleasant, flexible, know their subjects very well, explain them in simple terms easy to understand and make the subjects interesting to study. You can ask any question relating to the subject and Econometrics Tutors will answer them happily and go at length to make you understand. I have no hesitation in recommending Econometrics Tutors as in my considered opinion and through some tutoring hours with them, they are top quality tutors. They helped me to push my grade in the subject to a first class honor. Thank you Econometrics Tutors

Phillip M

Econometrics Tutors are really good tutors, who take their time to answer all the questions in a comprehensive manner. They are reliable, friendly and patient. Thanks to them I feel prepared for my coming exam.

Natalie S

Outstanding, Highly experienced professional
Econometrics Tutors are outstanding, highly experienced and professional in their execution of their work, providing structural and high quality tuition in the econometrics field of expertise. I would definitely recommend their service. And I should tell you, without a doubt, classes were well worth the money I paid.

Bogdan B

Great persons, very helpful with stata!

Farhad A

Econometrics Tutors are excellent at their job, he has brought me from a state of complete panic to confident in the work I had produced and improved upon my original vision for my coursework. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a tutor who quickly grasps the concept and has stricter lessons in order to quickly achieve the outcome desired. I approached Econometric Tutors with a very tight deadline of only a few days and they were incredibly flexible with timings which has been invaluable. Communication has been excellent between us and no matter the time Econometric Tutors has always responded almost instantly which again has improved my confidence. Overall I would like to thank Econometric Tutors for their help and I don't think I would have coped without them.

Shuhaib K

Although I only had a few lessons with Econometrics Tutors, they were very productive. They have a brilliant style and approach to their lessons. They are very knowledge tutors who were able to guide me to have a deeper understanding of the econometrics subject

Manjit P

Knew econometrics topics well, clearly had done a lot of preparation for the session

William C

Outstanding teachers. A real privilege to work with!

James R

Econometrics Tutors have extensive experience in various subjects and are able to help in various scope! highly recommend! wouldn`t achieve the result so great without their help

Linham P

Great tutors! They made sure I had a solid understanding of the material before the exam, and most importantly Econometrics Tutors made me feel confident in my ability to get the +70% I needed (which I did at the end). They always answered in detail the questions I texted and emailed them, which was very reassuring because my university teachers tend to disappear before finals. Econometrics Tutors are a mix of results-oriented teachers and confidence-boosters, which was exactly what I needed. Their sessions are totally worth the time and money!

Selima P

Econometrics Tutors are very knowledgeable in Stata and economics, their were able to help me greatly with my dissertation model from start to finish! They were patient and very accessible as they responded to my last-minute emails promptly. I will recommend Econometrics Tutors to anyone looking for a degree-level tutor in economics, as it’s hard to come by someone who is not only an expert in the subject and highly qualified but also someone who can break it down to simpler terms like they do. Thank you Econometrics Tutors!

Oyku F

Was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Nancy C

Econometrics Tutors are extremely educated guys.
Very good teachers. Their knowledge is massive.

Alberto M

Econometrics Tutors were very helpful in assisting me with preparation for my final exams. They thoroughly understood the material and were able to convey all concepts clearly. They were also very accommodating in terms of scheduling sessions and reviewing my work.

Katherine P

Econometrics Tutors are outstanding tutors in every way. They are extremely knowledgeable and competent in regard to both theoretical and technical matters. It was great to work with them and I would absolutely recommend Econometrics Tutors to anybody.

Carlos S

Econometrics Tutors have been excellent by being flexible to tailor lessons according to my specific needs. The lessons to build financial models were well structured and their experience in the banking industry make Econometrics Tutors very knowledgeable and useful as a source of reference. I would not hesitate to recommend Econometrics Tutors to anyone looking for an experienced tutor to help them with financial modelling.

Fatemah A

I work in the Acquisition Finance/Project Finance sector and was looking for a tutor who could help me run and build financial models.

Pranav J

Not only have I gained knowledge in the field of economics from Econometrics Tutors, but they have also helped me gain interest in what I`m studying which makes me feel much more confident. I contacted Econometrics Tutors a few days before my exams and since then they have been so helpful and patient with me, making sure that I understand every concept before moving to the next, and still making sure that we keep on track of time. I also appreciate how organised Econometrics Tutors were from the start which has made me feel very comfortable and happy with our study plan. I would truly recommend Econometrics Tutors to anyone who needs help! Econometrics Tutors have been incredibly helpful so far, they explain everything really clearly and has improved my confidence considerably for my exam.

Dalal A

Econometrics Tutors not only helped me understand finance but also the logic behind the different terminologies and formulas. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to form a better understanding of financial econometrics.

Aisha S

Econometrics Tutors are affable tutors who make the learning process comfortable. They put in a lot of effort to ensure that you understand everything and explain everything in a coherent manner. I would unreservedly recommend Econometrics Tutors, as they have been very helpful!

Saisha M

Econometric Tutors are very attentive tutors, willing to go the extra mile to help students. Questions were dealt efficiently and in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Econometrics Tutors to anyone looking for their area of expertise.

John M

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